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LCS offers comprehensive solutions for clamping and tool holding applications


Lokenath Chatterjee & Sons

LCS is a family owned company. Founded in 1971, by Sailendra Nath Chatterjee. The management of LCS has now passed on to the second generation of owners. This company has, from its inception, been engaged in the manufacture and export of high quality precision tool holding and work holding equipment with the aim to becoming one of the best solution providers in this industry. LCS is proud to be associated with the most prestigious names in the automobile and machine-tool market globally.

Technological Advancements

The strength of LCS lies in its knowhow, its experience, its innovative spirit and its uncompromising quest for the highest standards of precision and quality.

Customization Capabilities

As technology advances in the world of Machine Tools, LCS has continually striven to improve the holding methods for efficient and accurate machining as per customer requirements.

Quality Assurance

LCS maintains exceptional quality standards through rigorous processes, ensuring that their precision tools consistently deliver reliability and meet stringent industry standards.

Customer Support

LCS provides customer support, offering assistance to ensure a positive customer experience.

Our Vision

Look Forward to the future

Our vision is to remain a family owned company, operating successfully and profitably in the long-term, in the interest of our shareholders, employees and partners, the local region and community. Loyal personnel of whom there are many, should continue to feel secure in our employ, and feel a sense of pride and ownership for the services they provide.

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